Chiropractic Services for the Winery Region

Back and neck pain can be pretty debilitating. It can hinder your daily activities and makes carrying out everyday chores a burden. If you have suffered from frequent episodes of neck and back pain despite taking medication you should try going to a Toowoomba chiropractor.

Chiropractors believe in taking a natural approach to treat neuromuscular problems. They use safe and natural methods like spinal manipulation, hot and cold compresses and dietary changes to bring about a positive change in an individual’s life. Those who visit chiropractors often notice an improvement in their condition when they combine it with the right diet and exercise.

The holistic approach used by chiropractors’ means that you can undergo treatment in the safest and most natural way possible. The following are few reasons why you should visit a chiropractor.

Provides relief for people suffering from sciatica

Research has proved that at least 72% of the people who suffer from sciatica see a noticeable improvement in their condition after undergoing chiropractic therapy. When compared to those who took corticosteroid injections, individuals undergoing chiropractic care showed a greater level of success in pain alleviation.

Provides faster relief then what if offered through physiotherapy

Most people undergo physiotherapy along with medication to treat neck and back pain. However, research has proved that chiropractic care brings about a more positive improvement when compared to physiotherapy.

Relief from headaches

Going to a chiropractor could help bring relief from request headaches as well. Besides treating back and neck pain. A clinical trial was carried out for people who suffered from headaches. They were given chiropractic care. Twenty two percent of the people who participated in the trial reported that the attacks dropped by almost 90%. The rest claimed that there was significant reduction in the intensity of the pain.

Relief from colic and ear pain

Parents know how difficult it is to sooth a child who suffers from colic or ear aches. Besides the frequent bouts of crying, parents face may sleepless nights trying to make their children find relief or comfort through medications. It is said that the nerves which control the gut and the ear canal are closely connected to the nerves in the brain. A proper spinal alignment can help reduce all these episodes of colic and ear pain.

Treating neurological conditions

MRI scans have shown a marked increase in blood flow especially after spinal manipulation. The plaguing in the brain of people suffering from multiple sclerosis was visibly reduced.

Treatment for hypertension and low blood pressure

According to a study published in the human journal of hypertension it was observed that a single cervical adjustment could help lower blood pressure and keep it that way for about six months. Besides treating hypertension, it can also help control blood pressure in people who suffer frequent bouts of low blood pressure.

Preventing surgeries

According to most natural health care practitioners, surgery is easily avoidable for those who suffer from back pain if they consider chiropractic care. Going through treatment along with positive lifestyle changes can help prevent the need for surgeries.

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